Mr. Anil Chandra Adhikari - CEO

 An Electrical Engineering graduate with MBA in finance, Adhikari worked for more than 22 years in the telecommunication sector in Nepal and abroad before joining Karja Suchana Kendra Limited as its Chief Executive Officer.

He started his professional career as an engineer and spent many years implementing telecom projects of national and multinational companies like NTC, Nokia, Motorola, Telrad Networks & Telecom Holdings in different parts of Asia and Europe. During the years, he earned rich expertise in network design, planning, cost modeling and logistics management of the large scale engineering projects. He was later appointed as the CEO of Cambodia Mobile Telephone Company Limited (a consortium of Telecom Holdings Thailand and Motorola Inc. USA) and worked there for four years before joining American Cambodian Telecom Limited (based in California, USA) as its Vice President. He later worked as the Business Consultant for Israel based Telrad Networks for few years before joining Sydney based consulting firm TeleResources for their business in Asia Pacific and South Asia. He later came back to Nepal and took over the assignment of Kendra as its CEO.

During the years in Kendra, he has been instrumental in automating the credit bureau system, improving the quality of data and revamping the organization to make it more efficient and effective.

Registered Members

As per the Nepal Rastra Bank Regulation, all banks and financial institutions that are registered in Nepal Rastra Bank and engaged in credit lending of Rs. 1 million and above facility must be registered in Kendra as its member. Only the registered members can avail the credit reports and other credit information service provided by Kendra.

There are altogether 135 banks and financial institutions that are registered as members of Kendra. The detail statistics of the number of registered members in each category is as follows:

28 Commercial Banks
14 Development Banks (National)
29 Development Banks (Regional)
32 Finance Companies
75 Microfinance Institution & Co-operatives