Vision / Mission


  • To establish Karja Suchana Kendra Limited as a change agent and a major catalyst in the development of country's credit market by building a state of the art repository system of credit information.


  • Facilitate member banks and financial institutions to make informed, objective and faster credit decisions and provide tools for effective credit risk management.
  • Offer various innovative solutions in credit information reporting by being responsive towards the changing market needs. Be a one window solution provider for diverse areas of banking.
  • Enhance the credibility in operation by installing a robust technical and physical infrastructure and enabling a superior information availability system to the users.
  • Adopt a moral and ethical data handling standards and practices to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the data.
  • Focus on good corporate culture, governance and practices.
  • Invest in talent and develop the workforce that continuously strives hard to provide cutting edge solutions and services to the users.

Our Commitments

  • To build an information bank by collecting & collating trade, credit and financial information of borrowers and prospective borrowers of lending institutions and disseminate those information to them, upon request, to facilitate them on their lending decisions.
  • To consistently offer high quality of credit reports and other innovative solutions in line with the market needs and bring credibility in products and services delivered.
  • To focus on information accuracy and integrity and implement best practices and standards in information handling. Make the information delivery service fast, secured and error free.
  • To make Kendra a highly organized and efficient institution with best supporting platform in terms solution, technology and people that is capable of meeting the increasing information needs of the banks and financial institutions.
  • To promote the public to strive for making good Reputation Collateral.

Registered Members

As per the Nepal Rastra Bank Regulation, all banks and financial institutions that are registered in Nepal Rastra Bank and engaged in credit lending of Rs. 1 million and above facility must be registered in Kendra as its member. Only the registered members can avail the credit reports and other credit information service provided by Kendra.

There are altogether 135 banks and financial institutions that are registered as members of Kendra. The detail statistics of the number of registered members in each category is as follows:

28 Commercial Banks
14 Development Banks (National)
29 Development Banks (Regional)
32 Finance Companies
60 Microfinance Institution & Co-operatives