What we do ?

Karja Suchana Kendra Limited is the prime organization in the country which acts as the repository of credit information of the consumer and commercial borrowers of all the banks and financial institutions. We collect, collate and disseminate credit information to assist our members in their credit approval process and at the same time, protect every consumer's credit profile, by providing objective and factual information. With strong membership base of 201 banks and financial institutions, KSKL collects hundreds of updated borrowers' profiles every day uploaded by its members through its secured online network. The data thus collected are made to undergo through various layers of processing engines before finally updating the borrowers' master records in the database. The updated credit reports are then sent to credit grantors for their credit assessment process.

Registered Members

As per the Nepal Rastra Bank Regulation, all banks and financial institutions that are registered in Nepal Rastra Bank and engaged in credit lending of Rs. 1 million and above facility must be registered in Kendra as its member. Only the registered members can avail the credit reports and other credit information service provided by Kendra.

There are altogether 135 banks and financial institutions that are registered as members of Kendra. The detail statistics of the number of registered members in each category is as follows:

28 Commercial Banks
14 Development Banks (National)
29 Development Banks (Regional)
32 Finance Companies
75 Microfinance Institution & Co-operatives